The Waiting Is The Hardest Part.

What bores you?

I asked my wife and a mutual friend of ours this morning, ‘what do I find boring?’ My wife responded gardening. It’s true, gardening is not really my forte. But if you have read any other posts in my blog you know this blog is not about me. And, in truth, I can make almost anything non-boring. Ever since Jesus Christ has entered my spirit and begun a change within me I see the beauty in what most people would consider quite ordinary things. 

So, I turned to the Internet. And immediately my searched yielded the 50 most boring things list!! Number 3 on that list was ‘waiting’, so let’s talk about it. We all hate to wait these days. There’s even songs about waiting being the hardest part!! 

Instant gratification. Where did this come from? It used to be Good things come to those who wait. When you wait upon The Lord He shall renew your strength and you can mount on wings like eagles. And yet, we hate to wait. 

We wait in line. We wait for things we order. We wait for vacation time. We wait to see results. We wait for appointments. We live in a world that tells us GO, GO, GO and we are forced to wait. 

I assure you it is time to slow down and not be bored with waiting. It is in those still, quiet moments that the voice of The Lord can whisper to you and give you a new appreciation for what is going on around you. Don’t be afraid of the wait. Growth takes waiting. A mighty oak does not send its roots deep into the soil and its branches high into the sky without waiting. Waiting can be painful, but without both there is no growth. 

Be still and know today. Wait. It may be boring, but it can yield some great results in the process. 


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