Where Is God?

We all experience pain. We all experience hardships. Sometimes they come at us in wave after wave. Just because we make it through one or two waves doesn’t mean the storm will pass. 

In these times the human mind has a hard time seeing the good in a situation. We lose family members through death, disease and divorce. We can lose our homes in a fire or a storm. We can go into work one day and find out we are no longer needed by the company. These and so many other scenarios happen to thousands of people every year. And often times they look to the sky and ask, ‘Where was God?!!’ Sometimes we lose our faith because we don’t see an immediate solution. But I ask you, What if YOU are that solution?

God doesn’t always come through in a burning bush or His Son, Jesus Christ. No. These days He may use you, He may use me. Maybe He is using me right now!! Maybe He is using you right now!! 

If there is someone asking the question in a hard time right now, ‘Where is God?’, look around you. You see that neighbor bringing you a hot meal? That is God. You see that city worker helping with the clean up after a natural disaster? That is God. You see that trusted friend being a confidant and friend during a death or divorce? That is God. 

He is all around us and asking us to be His Hands and Feet all over the world around us, but too many people are too busy to listen. Do I have your attention now? Are you listening now?! It is up to each one of us to use our talents for others, to help the world that no longer believes see God!!! What can you do? The answer to that is as simple as what are you good at? That is where God wants you to help an unbelieving world!! And when you do, GIVE THE CREDIT AND THE GLORY TO HIM!!!! 

Where was or is God? He is within each and every one of us if we are willing to listen. Be blessed tonight and be a blessing to someone else tonight. 

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