This Is Your Invitation. 

Our days are organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

Every morning, or afternoon, I get up. Some days I will stay planted in bed with a good book. Some days the first seen action I will do is check my Facebook and blog. That is what I did this morning when I arose to the sound of our 120 pound Chocolate Lab/Rottweiler dog eating a package. At first I thought it was trash that hadn’t been brought out to the curb yet. Nope! It was the dog food of our little two pound guest, Luna. She’s a teacup chihuahua and with her around I really need to be careful of where I roll and where I transfer my weight to on the couch or in bed. I could squish her like a worm!! And that would devastate one of my sister’s as it is her dog. 

Back to my daily routine. I really don’t have one, or I used to not have one I should say. Every morning before my butt hits the seat of my chair, every single morning, I read a daily devotional called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. What an excellent way to begin the day!! A day begun in the presence of The Lord will never go wrong because our spirit will be focused where it should be at all times.

 See, this life is not really about us and so many people make it about them right out of the gate every morning. Stop!! Look around you and get in touch with The One who sees it all. Let Him direct your paths from the moment you arise in the morning and you will not go wrong!! These are His Words coming through, not mine.  

 The Bible says, ‘Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God.’ So that is the morning routine I look forward to most. By seeking Him first I can move forward and write a blog post that will inspire thousands. I can share the love of Jesus on Facebook because I took the time, first thing, to spend ten, twenty, thirty, some days an hour with My Heavenly Father. Jesus is my morning routine I cannot live without.  And I invite you to get to know Him too. All it takes is calling out to Him. Jesus, help me know you today. In all ways help me to see You for who You really are. It may not happen right away, but through a daily routine with God you will see a change. 



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