Raiders Of The Lost Art. 

I am a writer. I am a blogger. Some days I have a love/hate relationship with inspiration. Some days it comes quite easily, and others it takes its own sweet time. 

I have been racking my brain, going over and over with scenarios in my mind about yesterday’s Daily Post Prompt. It asks us to describe what we would write in as the 8th Deadly Sin if we were allowed to add one. So, as any good researcher would these days I took to the Internet. 

I went to Google, which is my default provider for images and information on my site. Came up empty! So, I went to my Facebook and asked the question in my Rolling Blogger Fan Page. I came up with a few good ideas and one good discussion on a good idea. 

I am still holding off on writing that post though because I am feeling more of a list of Deadly Sins coming into my spirit. 

But, as I mentioned, I am a blogger. And being a blogger requires daily diligence in writing, reading and searching. Searching for ideas and searching for new bloggers to read and follow in hopes of gaining new readers and followers for my own blog. 

So, as it turns out, a day that seemed to be lacking of inspiration or willingness to create a new deadly sin has created an opportunity to read some new blogs I may not have found otherwise and low and behold, I wrote a post any way!! Not all days are the same, but all days require working on and creating a site which I hope will generate a nice income one day. Until then, I shall continue to write, read and research. Stay the course and keep moving my fellow bloggers, even when you don’t know where to go. 

4 thoughts on “Raiders Of The Lost Art. 

  1. I love this! Keep on trucking, your enthusiasm is contagious and your enthusiasm for the Lord is so vital and needed these days.

    I was going to tell you, you found the 8th deadly sin without even knowing it. Google. Well there you go! The google is this huge multi billion dollar politically entangled techie thing that is sure to have sin written all over it.

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