Not Sure How I Feel About That!!

Not Sure How I Feel About That!!

This meme has been circulating Facebook today and yes, having a positive outlook is always good. But there are people who have this disease, aren’t we shaming them by posting rude comments like this? 

I have seen this meme five or six times now on Facebook, all within the span of an hour. And yes, I understand the sentiment of look on the bright side, but can’t we just agree that Monty Python said it best and said it first?

This Place Is A Zoo!!

This Place Is A Zoo!!

I wonder who was the first person to go into a crowded space and use this phrase. Did the first people to hear this phrase look at the person like, “What??!!!”

I mean, I have been to a zoo. I have never seen an enclosed area with hundreds, or thousands of gorillas beating one another up!! I have never seen a zoo that had 20 giraffes in a 10 by 20 foot space all trying to keep their ground and stand in a space. 

This place is a zoo?? No. Human beings create our own chaos! It’s not a zoo. If a zoo was chaos it would be shut down and people would be upset over the ethical treatment of animals. And yet, we treat each other worse!! 

I think the phrase, Like A Zoo needs to be looked at closer and people need to stop using that phrase unless there is order and everyone is being taken care of. 

Children, Refresh!!

Children, Refresh!!

I think I may be too computer minded. I saw today’s Daily Post Word Refresh and my immediate thought was refreshing a webpage. 

But sometimes as human beings we need to do that too. Hit the re-open button. Refresh. Restart. The world will have you believe that once you begin something you can’t go back and change it. I have refreshed so many times in 40 years I have lost count! 

That job choice didn’t get me where I needed to go. Refresh! Reopen! That location to live didn’t feel like home. Refresh!! We are moveable, changeable beings, my friends! Just because we go into a dark spot, or a wrong spot doesn’t mean we can’t fight our way out to the light and find something new and refreshing. 

Sure, situations are not always in our control and there are times people would have our story come to an end. But they will pay the cost of that. Isn’t it refreshing to know that God loves us all no matter what? His strength and justice are perfect. We need to refresh with Him every day. 

God brings us living water, talk about refreshing! His Holy Spirit in us brings about many changes. Take me for example. I used to be a 180 degree change from where I am and who I am now. I am still a work in progress, but I am always hitting that refresh button! 

If I feel a change is needed, refresh. Try something new. Every day we breathe is a new opportunity to refresh and become who we are meant to be– A perfect, refreshed, child of God.


It amazes me how the Daily Prompt words seem woven into my life!! 

Yesterday I lost a friend and mentor to brain cancer. He was a radio broadcasting LEGEND!! He is forever in The Radio Broadcasting Hall Of Fame. And yesterday, his Earthly voice went silent. 

You have a voice, my friends. You have a passion within you! That is your voice. Use it. Do not let the minds of others silence your voice. 

Your time on this Earth is so limited in the grand scheme of things. Use it. Use your voice to lift up everyone you can!

We live in a world that is dominated by fear and gloom and an attitude of ‘you have to be the best!!’ You can be the best by being you and speaking out about that which makes your passion boil. 

Use your voice! Be heard.