Let Go!! 


So many people only tip toe up to the edge and stop. 

What would happen if we lost sight of the edge? 

Would we lose ourselves and all that we love? 

Or could we possibly find a deeper meaning for ourselves in the unknown? 

The next time you find yourself at the edge, the edge of a crossroads, the edge of a major decision, the edge of your sanity, the edge of an unknown journey, take the leap of faith and go beyond the edge. You may be pleasantly surprised how far you can really go. 

3 thoughts on “Let Go!! 

  1. I like surprises, and although ti took me over half my life to feel comfortable about heights, it was never about a sick feeling of what was at the bottom. I just didn’t like the vertigo. You don’t run away at 15, and live to tell about it if you have fears.

    The Grand Canyon is very edgy. Sit on a ledge a while…I did that! Must admit, I didn’t bend forward a lot. I did have to get up though. Edgy right?!

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