The lessons Of Stairways. 

Stairways can go up or down. 

Stairways are not horizontal. You can never stay on the same level with every step. You are either going up or down. 

Trying to skip a bunch of steps will only make you trip and fall… And that will usually cause you to go downstairs. 

Falling down stairs will always hurt! 

Don’t skip steps. One step at a time will always cause progress. 

Never try to push others on your steps. Let them go at their own pace, even if it slows you down, you may be there for their encouragement. 

If you don’t like the steps you are on, jump to a new staircase. 

An elevator may seem like it gets you to the top floor of success quicker, but one cable break and you will plummet to the basement!! 
If there is anything else you can think of to add to this list, post it in the comments. 

The American Dream. 

The American Dream. 

This country was founded 240 years ago. When it was founded people worked hard for themselves and made their dreams reality. They thought up a dream and worked every day from dawn to dusk making it happen. Farmers, bankers, writers, dreamers. They invented. They made new things from new ideas. 

Today, we go to job interviews hoping for a paycheck while working for someone else to make their company great!! Why??! What happened in 200 years? What happened in the last 40?? While I was growing up we still lived in a country where people invented. People dreamed. 

Sure, those people still exist, but these days, they are made out to be the enemy because they made something great and need workers for their dream. Maybe I am wrong, but when a person gets excited because they can work for 10 or 11 dollars an hour for someone else, there is something wrong with The American Dream. Am I wrong? 

The Truth About Heroes. 

The truth about heroes is, they are every day people like you and me. They stay in the battle, no matter the cost. They fight. They struggle. They lose. They try again. 

We elevate our heroes to a status that makes them able to fall from Grace. Heroes are every day people. They fall. They hurt. They make mistakes. 

So, that makes us all heroes, right? As long as you don’t quit. As long as you stay true to your word. As long as you try and try and try again, in my eyes, you’re a hero! 

Weird Dream Files: Case Number 3502624

Weird Dream Files: Case Number 3502624

Weird dream files: middle of the night I get hungry. I go to mine and my wife’s favorite restaraunt in town. I order a ham Sandwhich and a bowl of soup (I love that combination!!). The waitress tells me if I order a Mountain Dew and a stack of pancakes I will be entered in a contest to win a boat!! I say “sure!! Sign me up!!” She walks away and I wake up.

This Moment.

Absolute silence, I sit by myself.

Animals sleeping soundly,

Snow gently falling outside. 

I concentrate on my breathing, 

Deep breath in, deep breath out.



Tranquility and recognition

Recognition of the being I am

Recognition of all the sounds around me, so silent and still. 

This moment

This one right here. 

A moment of tranquil peace 

Wind chimes, singing notes of clarity as my mind concentrates inwardly. 

The tranquility is about to die as my day begins at work. Not tranquil moments there. Only chaos. 

My mind drifts back to my breathing and my heart beat. These are why I am here. 


Be at peace, my soul, be at peace. 

April 28, 2016.

It is snowing big, fluffy flakes and creating now a white blanket upon the once green grass. I just wanted to share this moment for posterity. Now, if it ever snows after April 28th, I can say, “Remember that year it snowed April 28th? I believe it was 2016.” 

Another question this creates for me, Does this snowfall and 36 degree temperature in APRIL kill any notion of ‘global warming’? I mean I know it’s a notion taken over hundreds of years, but come on!!! Snow in late April. I am writing this down for posterity and to remember this day if it ever happens later. Snow– in April. End of April even!!!