I Only Want To See You Bathing, In The Puple Rain. 

If you look enough throughout history, I am sure you can find a sad event somewhere, anywhere in the world, every single day. Today, we lost a music legend!! 

He rose from the bad neighborhoods of Minneapolis, Minnesota in the early 80’s to become a music legend. Today it has been officially reported that Prince, 57, has died. 

When I lived in The Twin Cities I used to sing his song, Purple Rain, at karaoke bars around Bloomington, Burnsville and Apple Valley. I met a woman in Bloomington at David Fong’s Chinese Restaraunt and every Thursday I would be there singing karaoke and she without fail would request Purple Rain. I only wish someone had recorded me singing it so I could share it with you all. 

It’s another sad day in the music world, but Prince did leave his legendary mark before leaving us so soon. May his music live on long after today, rest in peace, Prince. 

10 thoughts on “I Only Want To See You Bathing, In The Puple Rain. 

  1. WOW! This came as a shock. His age especially. I’m 60, and thankful to still be here. Now, I’ll have to go off-site (after reading a few more of your posts), and see what he died of. It is my hope that he died peacefully. I would like to think that he lived his highest and best life. No suicide story will do…that’s just selfish. Wow! This came as a shock.

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    1. Had to chime in – my husband said something similar – androgynous – but my pet peeve was when someone said that prince and Kim kardashian are similar – what? Um – no – one is a genius artist singer musician basketball player – and the other wears makeup and made a sex video –

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