Why Wait??! 

I know I am guilty of it. I know there is someone out there who needs to read this too!! 

You are waiting for ‘Someday’, just like me! Someday I will have that job I want to go to every single day. Someday I will get out and, at the very least, see all of North America. Someday I will be perfect at showing the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ. 

We all have our someday scenario. But what if it never comes? What then?! What if the opportunities we are always working toward, always saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Never come? 

We have this moment to throw caution to the wind. Tomorrow we may be told our days are finally numbered and we will hear that number and say, “But, I was gonna…” Don’t let that happen!! 

Someone, maybe that someone is me, needs to hear (forgive the language, but) Carpe Fricken Diem!!!  Seize The Day!! Not tomorrow, not next week, SIEZE TODAY!!! Waiting may be too late. Why wait?

3 Days Of Quotes. 

3 Days Of Quotes. 

I was recently nominated by specscladeyes to do a 3 days of quotes. I am also supposed to nominate 3 other bloggers to do the same. However, I don’t know of 3 other bloggers who would definitely follow through with this task, so if you wish to join in the fun, please do so. I nominate all who may read this. 

We all have our own opinions and it is very rare to find two individuals who agree whole-heartedly on every option of every opinion ever formed by either of them. 

You are an original, just like everyone else. That is another quote I find amusing. And they go hand in hand. In my opinion, any way. 

We are all originals and no two people will ever look at anything from the exact same viewpoint ever. In order for that to happen two individuals of exactly the same height would have to stand in exactly the same spot in exactly the same position. Physics is trying to work this out through quantum physics, and yes, some particles have been found to do these traits, but humans cannot. 

We are each individuals with our own experiences and it is very rare that we believe we are wrong. Enter arguments. Enter reasons for battle. And mostly, enter the male ego! I am a male, so I can say that. You may have a different opinion, and you are wrong! HA! 

But seriously, one of the most funny men of comedy said this once and I found it deeply profound, true and most of all, funny. Laugh a little, my friends. Put down the opinions and shake hands, or hug, or just say good job, it’s more hygienic these days. But love each other. We all have opinions and we are never going to agree whole-heartedly on anything in this world until it is proven as fact, like gravity. Drop something from a tall building, it will always fall. We can all be right someday when the world joins together as one humanity. And that will be a glorious day we all agree. 

A Fond Memory Of The Circus. 

I have been to the circus a couple times. Most recent was a circus at the local convention center in Willmar, Minnesota. 

But, I am not thinking of that circus. No, I am thinking of the circus in one of my favorite movies of all time Big Fish. Edward Bloom tells the tale of his life to his son during this film. In once scene he tells how he met his wife. He got work for a circus owner who made him do all the small tasks that no one else wanted to do. In return, once a month he told Edward a small fact about ‘The love of his life’.

As you can guess, the circus owner played this out as long as he could for a number of months. Sandra Templeton was her name, she attended Auburn. And by the time Edward learned this information the semester was almost over. He had to go fast and declare his love! 

Funny how we as humans think that way a lot of times, isn’t it? We have to earn a person’s love. We have to do all these menial tasks to prove we measure up. When in the end, love wins. 

Why do we choose to make such a big circus out of things that should be so simple? 








Cotton candy


Cracker Jack


Ring master 














When I think of the circus I think of these things. It’s a lot like life, isn’t it? Some things are good and some are bad. Some we are meant to stay away from, and still others bring us in and we are locked. A circus is like that. Good and bad. But life isn’t meant to be lived as a circus. 

You are not under the control of one ring master coordinating a show for laughter and amusement. 

You have choices to break the chains and be free to not have to do tricks for others. You are free to enjoy life like the innocent child who sees twirlers and acrobats and animals that have a soul, be free!! 

A circus is a cage of illusions. Your life is not a circus but a wonderful thing full of unknown joys. Find that, like a child at the circus. 

Image provided by benhurshrine.org

Morbid Thought (beware).

Think of a person near and dear to you. Okay, now imagine you receive a phone call, or maybe even see first hand, that person’s life is no more. Their light has been extinguished from this world. 

What would have been the last thing you said or did with this person? Would that be a memory you would be fond of carrying the rest of your life? 

What if you live another 50 years or so wondering and knowing that that last moment you spent with them would have such an impact on you? So much so that you carry it with you every day for the next 50 years like baggage? 

Communication in love, my friends. That is the answer. I have no clue why this is so heavy on my heart tonight, but tomorrow is not promised for anyone. Say what you need to say today, right now. 

Write Your Story.

Every single moment of every single day you are given opportunities to do great things. If you write your story, you must tell it. As I learned in a film called Memorial Day today, “What good are memories if you don’t tell the stories?”. 

My advice as we honor those whose stories have grown silent, tell your stories. Don’t let the pages of your life draw a blank. 

Response to today’s Daily Post Word Of The Day BLANK.