A Fond Memory Of The Circus. 

I have been to the circus a couple times. Most recent was a circus at the local convention center in Willmar, Minnesota. 

But, I am not thinking of that circus. No, I am thinking of the circus in one of my favorite movies of all time Big Fish. Edward Bloom tells the tale of his life to his son during this film. In once scene he tells how he met his wife. He got work for a circus owner who made him do all the small tasks that no one else wanted to do. In return, once a month he told Edward a small fact about ‘The love of his life’.

As you can guess, the circus owner played this out as long as he could for a number of months. Sandra Templeton was her name, she attended Auburn. And by the time Edward learned this information the semester was almost over. He had to go fast and declare his love! 

Funny how we as humans think that way a lot of times, isn’t it? We have to earn a person’s love. We have to do all these menial tasks to prove we measure up. When in the end, love wins. 

Why do we choose to make such a big circus out of things that should be so simple? 


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