Why Wait??! 

I know I am guilty of it. I know there is someone out there who needs to read this too!! 

You are waiting for ‘Someday’, just like me! Someday I will have that job I want to go to every single day. Someday I will get out and, at the very least, see all of North America. Someday I will be perfect at showing the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ. 

We all have our someday scenario. But what if it never comes? What then?! What if the opportunities we are always working toward, always saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Never come? 

We have this moment to throw caution to the wind. Tomorrow we may be told our days are finally numbered and we will hear that number and say, “But, I was gonna…” Don’t let that happen!! 

Someone, maybe that someone is me, needs to hear (forgive the language, but) Carpe Fricken Diem!!!  Seize The Day!! Not tomorrow, not next week, SIEZE TODAY!!! Waiting may be too late. Why wait?

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