Cloudy Skies.

This morning menacing clouds loomed all around us. Surrounded on all sides we remained dry and the sun now resides high in its orbit, not allowing any shadowy place to emerge. 

In the distance this morning a curtain of rain blocked my view from what was behind. Amazing site to say the least. But clouds don’t always cry. Sometimes they just pass by and the sun shines again. 

When I Feel Small.

This week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge, I admit, I fell away for a few days because I got so engrossed in my Daily Posts and my idea of promoting my own blog through selling items that I did forget to drop in. Well, tonight, the night of Anniversary number THREE of being married to my beautiful bride here we are a couple weeks ago:

I decided to drop back in. Wow! And this week’s topic is no small feat!! I seriously could answer this week’s question in one word, but it would leave you all wondering why. 

This week, the sandbox writing challenge asks us, ‘What makes you feel small?’ In a word, nothing. 

Nope. Nothing. Not even the small minded individual at work today who tried to make me feel small with her insignificant attempt to slam my intelligence all because I am wheelchair bound. Nope! Not even she can make me feel small!! 

I am a Son of The One True Infinite And Living God!!! When you know Him and He has called you by NAME, NOTHING can make you feel small!! 

All this, all that you see and so much much more than we will EVER see and know in this universe is ALL in the palm of His hand!! And He created YOU AND ME for a divine INFINITE purpose!!! 

So, no, no, no!!! Don’t you EVER let ANYONE OR ANYTHING EVER make you feel small!! You reading me???!! Do I have the attention of the class???!!!! YOU ARE DIVINELY INSPIRED!! Nothing that is Divinely Inspired is EVER ALLOWED TO FEEL SMALL!!! 

You have PURPOSE!!! You have a passion!!! And nothing about you is meant for small things!! Go and fill your life with Vitamin D 

Go Vitamin D, which we get from The Son, ya understand me??! God And The Son are for YOU!! Your purpose is found in THEM!! You are not small. Ever! 

Over, And Over And Over Again!!! 

It was the first time, but it wouldn’t be the last!! That is The Daily Post idea for today, and it is so fitting!!! 

Today I was verbally accosted by someone who decided that since I am in a wheelchair I deserve to be talked down to. They decided in their brain that since I am in a wheelchair I don’t have a brain. It wasn’t the first time someone has looked at me being in a wheelchair and thinking I am different, and it won’t be the last. 

We live in a world of opinions. Two people’s opinions on ANYTHING will never match!! I’ve said it before and I will say it again, two people will never occupy exactly the same space with exactly the same viewpoint on anything. Ever. 

The key, my friends, is to communicate and compromise. Thankfully for me, the situation I mentioned that occurred today happened to me at work. The proper people have been notified and the proper steps are being taken. As far as I am concerned, it’s over, why dwell? I hardly even remember the situation in detail anymore. Water off a duck’s back. Water under the bridge. 

When you have a situation that happens once, based on opinions and it affects you negatively spiritually or whatever, you must come up with coping mechanisms or a good support network in place to speak to so the situation can be resolved or forgotten. 

It is very rare in this life to have situations that will be able to happen once and only once. We almost always can say ‘It was the first time, but it wouldn’t be the last.’ Repeats in life happen. Take the good, take the bad and roll on. That’s the game of life.