Morning Thought.

We each have a gift. We each have something special to offer the world that is from God. But here’s a question, if you woke up tomorrow and that gift was gone, would the world know you ever had it? Would the world be a dimmer place because you hadn’t used it? 

See, just like that, our talents can be ripped away. But, which is worse? Having a talent that made the world a better place for a while? Or having a talent taken away that you never used to bless others? 

I am a writer. When I die, the entire world, or at least 14,000 people from 70 different countries will say, ‘He was a writer!! A damn good one too!!’ Know why? They read my blog. I write on here, every single day!! Most days you can see multiple writings from me. Why? God whispers, I share. Simple as that. He has granted me a gift. The gift of writing down what He whispers to my spirit. 

This post this morning was inspired by a video on Facebook. A world famous tap dancer Gregory Hines has a video that my friends are now circulating around Facebook. What if Gregory Hines had become a fireman or police officer or a math teacher? The world would have never known his gift of dancing!! 

What gifts are you holding back today? The world needs them, my friends. They were given to you for a reason. 


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