City Mouse, Country Mouse. 

One of my favorite films of all time is The Aviator. It is the true life story of Howard Hughes. In the film Howard begins a relationship with Catherine Hepburn. It is so cute, they call each other city mouse and country mouse. 

I find it funny because that is a lot like me. I can, and have, live in both the country and the city. I love the convenience of the city. I love being able to go out with friends, even during a week night, and hang out for a little while. I love being able to drive twenty minutes and hang out at a Barnes And Noble for the day. 

But, the city is not for me all day every day. I am also a country mouse. I love watching the tractors in the fields during the spring planting and the fall harvest. I love the colors and the smells during those seasons. Today, in our small town we experienced a torential downpour with hail and sixty mile per hour winds!!! It was an incredible storm!! Being in the city, it wouldn’t have been as impressive because all the buildings and traffic would have been in the way. Amazing! 

So, yes. I am a little bit city and a whole lotta country. I admit it! And if my wife reads this post, she will never let me live it down. I love you all! Whether you are in the city or country, make an impact of positivity on those around you. 


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