Are tantrums for all people? 

You want to see some really good dramatic scenes? They don’t come from an A-List Actor! Oh No!! If you want to see some really awesome drama acting, watch a child. 

‘Nope! You didn’t listen, you didn’t follow what we asked you to do, so now, that thing you wanted to do? Yeah, don’t even ask!’ And then the tantrum begins. This happens all the way from toddlers up to teenagers!! It happens all the time. And yes, there are even some adults that do it. Maybe my wife will tell you I do that from time to time. I admit, I over-react sometimes. Sometimes pouting or throwing a fit is the only response available. Maybe it’s not a kid thing. Maybe it’s a human thing. Any ideas on the topic? 

Even keel. 

Even keel. 

As a D.J. I tend to roll more to the dramatic side of things. I overreact a lot. I would love to find my even keel and I have become more mellow over the years, but when I am passionate about something I do tend to be over-dramatic. 

As my faith deepens I have found I truly have taken on more of the characteristics of Jesus Christ. He only got dramatic when someone took His Father’s House and turned it into a sales floor. Even when they beat Him and nailed Him to a cross he kept it mellow and without any drama He whispered, ‘Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.’ 

I can only imagine the scene of the crucifixion was quite dramatic. Watching a human being die nailed to a cross would be a scene filled with drama, I am sure. But we are not called to be dramatic people. One of the fruits of the spirit is peace and kindness. When I think of these terms I don’t tend to think of drama. Is it possible to live a drama free life? And is it a good thing to be drama free? We are passionate beings and drama is part of life. We just need to find a balance so we don’t rock the boat and keep things on as even of a floating keel as possible. 

Admire The Fruits. 

Admire The Fruits. 

I told my editor today’s word was Admire and she said, ‘Admire things of The Lord.’ 

If we are in The Lord we should always grow in the fruits of the spirit. Those are things to admire. Galatians 5:22-23 tells us, ’22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.’ 

If the entire world would begin to admire and exhibit these nine attributes I think we would be a better world and worthy of far more admiration. 


People tell me all the time they admire me because I am in a wheelchair, born this way, and I still keep a smile on my face. 

Being admired for good traits is a good thing. In today’s world we often admire people for being over confident. We admire people who seek to glorify themselves. I am not saying all people are like this, but we see it more in today’s world. 

The Bible tells us whatever is good and true and pure we should concentrate on these things. Do we do that anymore? We have become a world of glorify people, admire selfish ideas. What do you admire? 

Let’s talk about the good things of the world. Let’s admire them. 

Wind: An Unstoppable Force. 

Wind: An Unstoppable Force. 

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 Time once again to take as many of the Daily Post Prompt Words and weave them together into a literary piece of beauty. 

Wind can be an unstoppable force when we face a crisis as we watch the moments of the clock tick by. It can seem to be elusive as we sit in our own little sanctuary of our minds. It can feel like punishment as we sit, carefree of the world around us. 

Wind can change things in an instant my friend. Are we ready for the whirlwind of change? It is coming and it is an unstoppable force.