Look Down Only To Help Up.

This week The Sandbox Writing Challenge asks the question, ‘Whom do you look down upon?’ 

This is a question that requires so much deep soul searching. We would all love to give the short answer and say, ‘No one.’ And we would all be lying. 

If you have been a reader of my blog for a while you know I am a Christian who always talks about seeing the good in life. Always see the best in people and help them out. I talk about how we all need to live a life with a servant’s heart. Even I don’t do this every moment of every day. I admit, anyone who spends time condemning another, I look down upon. And sometimes, I again admit and ask forgiveness, I have looked down upon myself for wrongfully condemning another. Condemnation never will bring unification. 

Lately here in The United States Of America we have been anything but United. It’s true. Follow the news and you will see five different versions of the same story told from fifty different viewpoints and twenty witnesses who all saw and heard and experienced something different. 

Whom do we look down upon? Each Other! That’s who! If you are different than what my viewpoint is and you don’t see my way, we look down on each other. If you are a different race, sex or even sexual orientation you don’t deserve the same things as me. We have been hearing this and fighting these things for generations now. 

And then there is my group– the disabled. On a weekly basis I am told, ‘It’s so good to see you out!’ Or my personal favorite that has happened more than once now the last few weeks, ‘Hey! You don’t have a brain, I don’t want you to help me because you will probably screw up what I want!’ Sad, but oh, so unbelievably true. Yes, disability haters do exist! I get looked down on every single day!! And it’s not just because I am sitting in a wheelchair and only 4 feet off the ground. Does the disabled community cry foul and protest for our rights? I’m sure some do somewhere, but I never hear of them. It’s socially acceptable to see disabled as less because we can’t take stairs, or we need ramps and elevators in everything. 

You wanna know what a disabled person can do? Check this out– 

Here is me, out of my wheelchair driving a combine. Sure, before the day was done I caused a break down, but the farmer who owns this combine fixed it and we moved on. 

Here’s another one, more farm machinery–

Got out of my wheelchair and with the help of the farmer I climbed up in there and even drove this beast myself. 

So, the next time you decide to look down on someone, remember, I am a disabled man who has looked down at his wheelchair from a lot of different farm machinery. My motto is ‘Don’t ever tell me it can’t be done!’ I’ll prove uou wrong. And if I ever have an opportunity to look down on anyone, if it’s not being a servant to them and trying to help them up, feel free to correct me– HARD! 


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