Sometimes life takes us to what seems to be barren wastelands. We look around and all we see makes us say, “Ugh! I have to be a servant here?!” Yep, I have been there! 

But when we bring life to the desert we can make it thrive and alive. Look at Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. A bustling tourist town that seems to be a party central for anyone worldwide! All it took was a vision, some water and a whole lotta action. 

What desert are you being called to? There is someone in the world who needs to know Jesus. If you know Him, are you showing Him? A lot of the world is so thirsty for the water of life found in Jesus. They are dried out by the world’s ideas of success and they are dried out by how the world says to respond to things. 

Jesus wandered in the desert for 40 days. But God took care of Him and brought Him through it. You can do the same with your desert. Do you feel alone, thirsty, hungry? Keep walking and listening for God’s direction. You may find your oasis of life soon. 


3 thoughts on “I’ve Been Through The Desert On A Horse With No Name. 

  1. Your post reminded me of the song Give Me This Water,/strong> from Soldiers Again by Dallas Holm, Tim Sheppard, Phil Johnson. Ever heard it?

    Give me this water, Lord, I’m so thirsty.
    One sip of living water, and I will never thirst again.

    Lord, You know I’ve climbed the mountain,
    swept across this valley floor,
    Searched high and low, but Lord, I’ve never found
    what I’m looking for.

    Now You’re standing here before me,
    knowing all I’ve been.
    Drink from You well, You say
    and I will be free from sin.


    Lord, lead me to this river,
    show me where to start.
    Bathe my burning soul, quench my thirst,
    fill my heart.


    Mirages of the world have left me so thirsty and dry.
    Lead me to Your well of mercy, or I’ll surely die.

    Give me this water, Lord, I’m so thirsty,
    One sip of living water, and I will never thirst again.
    Give me this water, and I will never thirst again.

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