Pokemon Go, But Not Before You Look Both Ways!! 

There is a new phenomenon sweeping the entire world, no, it’s not just a one country deal, it’s all over!! Pokemon Go has increased Nintendo values by over $9 billion since FRIDAY when the game was released. 

It has both its supporters and its critics. It gets people moving. I see that as a good thing. But, when they are moving, from what I have been told, they are staring at their phones!! Now, maybe I am just old school, but isn’t this a concern to anyone? 

Let’s say you are chasing Picachu and he leads you across a busy intersection. Will a person so engrossed in the game look up to see if cars are coming? Or will we suddenly over the next few weeks be inundated with news stories of Pokemon players being hit by cars, or being beaten up for trespassing? 

We need to wake up, world! Why are we letting things control us? And the saddest part is, someone is going to comment on this and say, ‘We aren’t being controlled!’ Oh really??! This is the largest downloaded game in history! Millions of people are playing it and as I said earlier, Nintendo’s value has SKYROCKETED out of this universe in THREE SHORT DAYS!! And you don’t think this is causing any control??!! 

We, the people, are losing control!! Am I seriously the only one who sees it??! When I was a kid my mom sent me and my brother outside to play for hours at a time. Do you know what we used? Plastic guns that made clicking noises, we used sticks, we borrowed our father’s shovels and dug a foxhole, we used crayons and drew up plans for a underground fort. We rode bikes. We fought. But we paid attention to each other! 

Is that really happening today? Or are we seeing more of this: 

I am offering this post as a springboard for communications. Please, for the sake of all humanity, let’s talk about this. I truly believe we are being cut off from one another and nobody gives a damn. I do! We will not be ruled! We will not be sent into an Orwellian Future!! Please don’t let it happen. And For God’s Sake, kids and adults, anyone who is playing this new Pokemon Game, put the phones down and go out for a walk. Pay attention to all the majestic beauty that surrounds us. If we keep shying away from one another, one day we could look up and it will all be gone. 

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