This Is My Father’s World. 

This is My Father’s World 

And we are but guests here. 

A host never leaves his guests without their needs. 

Is there something you are lacking today? Ask your Heavenly Host, The Father and He will provide what you need. 

You may look at what He provides and say, ‘I didn’t need this!’ But honestly, if you were a guest in the home of a human being, would you say the same? 

As a Christian it is my responsibility to make God as real and as much of a need for others as He has become for me. We are all guests here, my friends. This is not our eternal home. 

And yet, so many think this is it, or they don’t care where they spend eternity. They are busy storing up treasures here. Why would you store things in a guest house? That’s what this world is. It is a guest house. We are merely visiting. 

On the same token, why would you ruin anything in a guest house? You would take the utmost care of it, right? You would make sure that it was cleaned and left just the way you found it before you left, right? Why do we care so little to do this with this world? We are guests here and we are throwing parties like its our own home! Who will pay the repair bills??! Our children? If we continue to trash it, they won’t have a home to come into. 

We are Guests in this world! Maybe we all need to start to act like it. And maybe the reason we treat one another with such disrespect is because we are strangers to each other. We need to begin to relate and move toward a common goal. We are one people United under A Holy God and this is His House! 

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