Call Out To Father. 

Remember when you were a kid and you had a nightmare? What did you do? You called out to your parents to come and take the monsters away. 

We seem to be living in a nightmarish world these days. Could it be getting worse because we haven’t called out to our Heavenly Father as much as we used to? 

Maybe the nightmares have always been here, but because of media we are now paying closer attention to them? It’s true, evil has always existed in the world. 

People killing people. People blaming weapons. People blaming people. It is all a divide and conquer, my friends. We need to stand together and battle the nightmares. Pray for the world, yes! But then act on those prayers. And not just on the nice people we meet every day. Reach out to the hurting and the lost. 

Love and Grace can make the nightmare stop. We need to give the love and grace that we have and that only comes from God The Father. Amen. 


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