Dreamless Sleep.

Ah, the joys of dreamless sleep. I know I dream. I know I occasionally have nightmares. But the joy of being me, I never remember them. 

Last night I was having a dream and I said to myself in the dream, ‘You have to remember this so you can evaluate its significance tomorrow!’ I woke up and I don’t remember what I was supposed to remember. 

Nightmares often stem from bad things we wish to change in our waking lives. Our dreams and nightmares are often trying to tell us something. Learn those signals and symbols. 

And don’t be like me! I know, I often don’t say it, but not remembering our dreams is a bad deal. What real life experiences are we missing by not knowing what our dreams are trying to tell us. That can end up being a living nightmare because we feel out of place. 


4 thoughts on “Dreamless Sleep.

  1. Nightmares can also be prophetic, based on things too subtle to be noticed while awake. For a couple of years, I’ve had nightmares about my law firm merging with one of those humungous firms and finding myself stuck in a cubicle in the basement like Milton. Such has come to pass, although instead of being stuck in a cubicle, I find myself looking for another job. I should have paid attention to the nightmares and started looking sooner.

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