Needs To Be Said. 

I have spent the better part of my hour being awake online. It’s what I do. I am always looking for inspiration. 

This morning I stumbled across a photo and article from the 1978 Olympics that was discussing how the photo could be misinterpreted. I immediately thought, ‘A Photo is worth a thousand words, but apparently only if they are the right words.’ I let the thought go. It was only one photo and I didn’t wish to stir the pot this morning. 

So, I continued on my search for inspiration. I came across a second photo of a father trying to make his son feel better. The father and son were pictured in the shower. Showers often make me feel better, why not a little boy too? And again, this photo touched on how touchy people can be over a photo. 

Again, the words, ‘A photo is only worth a thousand if they happen to be the right ones.’ Popped into my head. 

We all have opinions, my friends. It doesn’t mean yours are the only correct ones. Think of that next time. 


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