Last night I was sicker than a dog!! I ate some hamburger meat that was a little less than completely cooked. It wasn’t raw, but it was pink, really pink!! 

Within a couple hours I was sicker than a dog, and today I am still not completely back to normal. Am I ever normal? Hush, Stacy (my editor). 

Anyway, before I felt terrible we had committed to doing photographs for our local Legion Riders Motorcycle Club. It’s awesome to live in a small town and get opportunities like this!! 

I am not sure if I have clearance to share some of the day’s photos yet, but if I get the go ahead, I will add some. My wife has taken over 600 photos since 9am!!! And it all supports a good cause. 

I hope you all are having a blessed day as I am. Even though I am sicker than a dog, I am still having fun. 


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