This Ain’t Yo Mama’s Ghostbusters!! 

So, my wife and I went to The Plaza Three Theater here in Montevideo tonight after a wonderful dinner at Duffy’s Saloon, a local chain that has four locations around here. 

We went to see Ghostbusters. Do NOT enter this movie thinking you will see ANYTHING pertaining to the original. Sure, the remaining Ghostbusters (who aren’t actually able to be ghosts at this time, may Harold Ramis rest in peace, please!!!) all made their appearance in various characters!! But the jokes would go over the head of anyone who didn’t see the original 1984 version 

Dear Lord, one of the originals even went as far as to portray a character who DOESN’T believe in ghosts!! 

Speaking of the ghosts, the ghosts in the 2016 remake ain’t yo mama’s ghosts!! This ain’t no Patrick Swayze getting all fresh on a pottery wheel ghost show!! Nuh uh!! I would say the ghosts in this remake are demons straight from Hell!! Not nice, although Slimer does make an appearance too! But no, there is nothing laughable about the ghosts in this one. 

In the never humble (okay, mostly humble) opinion of this blogger, no one under the age of AT LEAST 16 should be allowed in the new Ghostbusters film! My wife is in her 30’s and jumped at a couple of the ghost scenes! You can’t drive a car, you can’t see this movie! That’s my opinion. 

As for the ending, well, I won’t spoil it other than to say, there dang well better be a part two coming in 2017!!! And, nice tribute to Egon Spangler at the end of the credits!! Well done there. Kids, if you don’t know who Egon Spangler is, blame your parents!! And rent the original Ghostbusters of 1984!!!! 


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