Clocks Don’t Matter. 

Clocks are interesting. Human beings are the only creatures worried about time. ‘We can’t do that because we have an appointment at one today.’ My wife said. 

Frankly, I hate time! I am Eternally-minded. Time is a manmade construct to keep us chained. Time clock at work, time to do this, time to do that. Rick Tock, tick rock. The clock always moves forward letting us know one more second we will never get back has passed. That is no way to live and enjoy the gifts God has given us. 

Don’t live your life by the clock, which will never be the same anyway. Two clocks can have two completely separate times. What does it matter??! Why are we so concerned with time when it is really eternal anyway? 

Yes. We have a limited time on Earth in these bodies. Shouldn’t we be concerned with the things that will outlast time?! Souls. Where our friends and family will spend Eternity. Love. Peace. Kindness. Forgiveness. All these will outlast time!! Not cars, houses or worldly possessions! Don’t watch the clock! Throw the clock away. 


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