Behind Enemy Lines. 

We live in a beautiful, wonderful, full of awe and wonders world, we really do. There is so much beauty that surrounds us. 

Today I had a clinic appointment for my shoulder, rotator tendonitis. During my appointment I discussed my blog with my physical therapist. I said, ‘It’s not a light blog. Sure, I have some light stuff woven in, but this blog is for a deep thinker.” It is true. This blog is not a sanctuary for the weak. This blog will bend you, this blog will make you look at things differently. 

This post is no different. My physical therapist asked me what today’s daily post word is. I had to check on that and sent him a message later saying, ‘Sanctuary’. 

Merrimack-Webster defines Santuary as:

: a place where someone or something is protected or given shelter

: the protection that is provided by a safe place

: the room inside a church, synagogue, etc., where religious services are held

In today’s world, on planet Earth, this definition does not exist. We are behind enemy lines. It is said that 95% of the planet believes in ‘a god’. Does this mean that they believe in The Christian God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Not necessarily. 

33% of the world claims to be Christian. Christians believe their God will see them through any situation. As we all experience, this does not give Christians safe passage either. This world is not meant to be a sanctuary for anyone. It is ruled by dark forces, evil, some would say. 

Evil seeks to separate and destroy. Satan would rather be ruler over a burning graveyard than not be a ruler of anything at all. The bad things we see in this world, they all happen from him. God does not send evil. But He can change our minds and hearts in spite of it. 

The definition of sanctuary cannot be seen in the physical world. But in the spiritual? That’s a different story. One of the fruits of the spirit is peace. When you renew your mind to the ways of The Holy Spirit, you can be looking evil square in the eye and sing praises to The Lord! Now THAT is real sanctuary.

This world has been through many wars. Many times during those wars soldiers need to venture behind enemy lines. As Christians, we are behind enemy lines. Being behind enemy lines we can get caught off guard. We can be captured. There is no safety here. But we must stand firm. We must be the hands and feet of Jesus in all matters. 

We may not be able to make the entire planet a sanctuary, but when we follow the true example of Jesus Christ, we will still be making this world a better place, a sanctuary for most. 

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