Catch Me If You Can!! 

I have found that a number of things in this life have currently eluded me. I am not financially wealthy. I am not in a high profile career. I haven’t had the means to travel the world. 

But, all those things considered, I am still a blessed man. Blessings have been captured by me time and again. And that all stems from perspective. When we feel things have eluded us, is that really true? Or are they just not meant for our journey? 

I have been a positive beakon of light to countless people. The writing of this blog, although money has currently eluded me, does not mean that one day it won’t arrive. I will continue to write until thousands of people know the name Rolling Blogger around the world. 

Sometimes it’s not that things have eluded us, it’s just that we haven’t arrived at that point of the journey yet. Do you ever feel like things are eluding you? Stay the course. They may be on their way. Just because it is currently not in view or within reach doesn’t meant you can’t catch it later. 


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