Elusivity Of Happiness. 

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Who doesn’t live life like that? We constantly are seeking things to make us happy. 

  • When I get that promotion I will be happy
  • When I make more money I will be happy
  • When I get that dream career I will be happy
  • When I…
  • When I…
  • When I…

If we live our lives under the ‘When I’ phrase happiness will consistently elude us. That’s no way to live life, my friends!! 

Happiness does not need to be elusive. I went through a series of unfortunate career moves from 2009-the latter part of 2010. Finally, I threw up the white flag and moved back to the area I grew up in. A small village in West-Central Minnesota that has ZERO positive career opportunities for a person in a wheelchair with my level of education. Is that partially my fault? Sure. But finally, after five and a half years, I am growing into many new ideas. And none of them involve stress. No stress, that’s happiness for me!! 

Today I don’t live my life in the ‘When I’ category. I live by ‘Now I’. 

  • Now I am working for my family 
  • Now I am paying off my debts one at a time 
  • Now I have free time to spend with my family 
  • Now I can volunteer and make this community awesome and on the map! 

When we learn to live in the ‘Now I’ mode happiness is in every moment. Because instead of chasing something that never seems to come, we live in the moment which is here. Will you change your way of thinking to ‘Now I’ and become happy today and not chase it, but be it? 

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