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Inspired by blogger she wrote a piece today about the fierceness of a mask. Instantly, my mind went to Phantom Of The Opera. 

A man grown in the shadows of the world. Thrown aside because of his scars he wears a mask so those scars can be hidden. One day a woman comes along who rips off the mask and we see a fierceness in him. He doesn’t want anyone to see the hideousness hidden behind the mask. 

Aren’t we all like that at times? We hide our true selves. And when someone gets in, we become fierce. When I think of fierce I think of anger. But I also think of passion. And Phantom Of The Opera has both! 

Thank you Dreamsinalaska for causing me to look at today’s daily post word in a different light and turn to the darkness it can bring about. Your inspiration for this post is appreciated. Now go check out her other writing. 

Holy Fierceness!

Holy Fierceness!

Things that are considered fierce are always considered dangerous and out of control. A fierce fire. The fierceness of an animal. The fierceness of a person’s reaction. 

It is this last example I would like to touch on today. When someone gets angry, we often consider them fierce. Rage is a fierceful emotion. Even Jesus got fierce. 

But do you ever notice how He was only fierce on matters that affected eternity? He always was calm, cool and collected, as far as we can see in The Scriptures unless He was talking about Eternity. When the sales people turned His Father’s house into a sales floor and at His crucifixion. Two fierce examples of Christ. 

I am not sure I would have liked to be there to witness either scene. Jesus was filled with a Holy Anger at those times. And since He is The Son Of God, I can only imagine a fierce energy about the size of an atom bomb building up. 

I mean, when He died on the cross, The Earth shook!! The whole thing! And there are stories outside of Biblical proof that corroborate that story! You wanna talk about FIERCE??! People who had never met Jesus, people in other lands far away from Jerusalem at 3pm that afternoon, no idea The Son Of Man was being crucified and taking His last breath, all of a sudden felt their world shake!! 

Imagine a snow globe in your hands at the exact moment you get so incredibly angry. That was this planet at the time Jesus died. And we still don’t get it today!! Jesus died for every single sinner, person, human being, gay, straight, black, white, yellow, red, green. Color and sin DOES NOT MATTER!! He has today a fierceness for your soul!! And so many people point fingers and say you can’t come in. Wrong! 

Now I am getting fierce, so I shall leave it here. I love each and every person in this planet with a fierceness that only comes from the Holy Spirit. I know one day every knee will bow at the name and vision of Jesus Christ. But until then I will continue to spread the word of God and His Fierce Love for us all. 

Too Many Vices! 

Too Many Vices! 


Miami Vice

Vice Versa 

A Vice Grip 

Immoral or wicked behavior… 

Which vice am I to speak on? The last one is interesting, but far too obvious for me to write about. How about the vice of ending my sentences with prepositions? I hate it, and yet, I have now done it twice in this one post!! 

If I write about Miami Vice am I shutting out my younger viewers? Miami Vice was a show that lasted from what? 1984-1986, possibly 1987? Anyway, cops, catching the bad guys, yeah, that’s Vice shows for ya! Not good blog material. 

Moral issues? It’s after 11pm and my editor was riding me about not posting any new material today! You are a writer! Create! Post! Heaven forbid I forgot my writing utensil (my phone) at home! And now it’s far too late in the evening to write anything about morality issues. 

I made some great numbers today without posting a single word, although my stats tell me I actually did post a few things after midnight, which counts as today. Maybe that’s my vice? Constantly seeking numbers so one day I can get paid to keep this up. I love to write, just for the sake of writing. But what good is writing that nobody reads? 

If I write a pile of junk in sentences and paragraphs, is it still terrible if nobody reads it? Is it made better or given value if a thousand people read it? Maybe that’s my vice! Maybe I should just concentrate on sharing goodness and mercy with the world. That wouldn’t be a vice!