No Evolution!

We as human beings grow all the time. We change, we adapt. This happens over time and, on occasion, happens instantaneously. 

We change our minds on a topic due to new information. We grow from infants into toddlers, from toddlers into little people, from little people into teenagers who are now beginning their own growing and changing processes into young adults and then, one day without us even knowing it, BAM! Adulthood. 

But no human being ever created has changed from a human being into a monkey. No monkey has ever changed into a human being. No human being has ever changed into a giraffe. 

It’s this last one I really would like to dive into. Did you know that a full-grown, adult giraffe as a male can grow between 16 and 20 feet tall?! Did you know the female can grow to be 15 feet tall?! And that long neck, that’s a long way to drop down for a drink of water. 

Here is the really profound part, the giraffe PROVES evolution and change among a species cannot happen! EVER! The giraffe, all of them, not just some, but all, have a series of blood bladders down their neck from their back to their brain. Know why? If they didn’t when they took a drink THEIR HEAD WOULD EXPLODE!!!! KA FREAKIN BOOM!!! BLAMO!!! All giraffes without this mechanism would INSTANTLY DIE without that series of blood bladders that transports blood away from their head as they drop down to take a drink of water. Do you really believe that for thousands of millions of years all giraffes just spontaneously exploded at birth, or their teen-age years when they drop their head down to the water??! NO!! Water GIVES LIFE, it doesn’t take it away. 

How’s that for a profound statement?! 


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