Are Muses Extinct?

In Greek Mythology there are nine muses, all in charge of protecting a different form of art. 

 Muses according to Hesiod, protecting a different art and being symbolised with a different item; Calliope (epic poetry – writing tablet), Clio (history – scroll), Euterpe (lyric poetry – aulos, a Greek flute), Thalia (comedy and pastoral poetry – comic mask), Melpomene (tragedy – tragic mask), Terpsichore (dance – lyre), Erato (love poetry – cithara, a Greek type of lyre), Polyhymnia (sacred poetry – veil), and Urania (astronomy – globe and compass). On the other hand, Varro mentions that only three Muses exist: Melete (practice), Mneme (memory) and Aoide (song). (According to

I find it interesting how muses were to protect various types of art and literature and today we find ourselves deleting art and literature. Everyone wants to be a creator of great things, even me. And yet, people churn out mindless, helpless things at the mere chance of becoming famous. 

Why do we search after such things? Maybe, we have the wrong muses. If we seek money, power, prestige, a title, we seek the wrong things. What will any of them mean in a hundred years? A legacy with only a name attached? 

A muse is defined as a woman who gives inspiration to a creative artist. Poetry written in love of a woman is a great muse. Even The Bible speaks about a muse. Song Of Solomon is an entire book that is a poem of how lovely a woman is. It speaks of great love. Some of the comparisons today we wonder how they can make a woman seem lovely, but in its time, it was The Song Of Songs. 

For me, being a Christian, my muse is Jesus Christ. His Holy Spirit lives within me. His words flow through this blog like honey. As my editor, another of my Earthly muses for my words, often points out sometimes my words seek to edify myself. I am human and these things happen. But The Lord is my true muse. His inspiration of Love and Grace should flow from me and I am His muse as I protect these virtues with my life and words.


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