Craving Communication. 

I want to reach the world with the undeniable love of Jesus! The best way to do that is mass communication. I have grown to reach more than a thousand people each month! 

There is still room to grow and spread. But as I said in my last post there can be good and bad cravings. I crave goodness to be known throughout the world. 

I just heard on the radio of a segment of the population that is hard to reach with The Gospel. The deaf population is needing help in translating God’s Word in a way that can be understood. 

Immediately when this was heard my ex-wife came to mind. She does sign language. She knows it! I hope she can have a craving on her heart to reach as many as she can with the love of Jesus. 

I crave for people to know the true message! If you come across anyone who says you need to change for God to accept you, the truth is not in them. Will you experience a change with The Holy Spirit within you?! Yes, you will!! But the world needs to know there is no precursor to receiving His Grace. 

That’s the communication I crave! 


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