Good Or Bad. 

We all experience cravings. I crave peanut m&m’s. And yes, I admit, even though I have a peanut allergy (supposedly), I do eat a small bag on my break many days at work. They are bad for me, but I crave them so much!! 

I think we all do this too much these days. We crave the bad things. We crave the stuff that builds up the self. It’s true, we crave many good things too. But until we act on them we won’t see positive results. 

Our world is crumbling. People dividing against people. Countries dividing against countries. If you watch the news it’s almost like all we see is division and devastation! And why is that? Because the news agencies have found that is what sells. We crave disaster. We crave seeing a train wreck, whether it be an actual train in wreck or a human being who has been hurt or is going through a hard time. 

There are other things to crave. I crave seeing a world where everyone loves everyone else. I crave seeing a world where everyone can experience the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. I am living proof He creates a change. I now crave the things of The Holy Spirit. And you can too. 

I crave a world that can live together in peace and harmony as one people. We are all human beings. That means we are being a creation of God. He creates differences and we need to celebrate them. I crave miracles coming true and I see them every day. Do you? 


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