Would You Go?

Today’s Daily Post Word Prompt is Stubborn and all afternoon the question ‘Would you go?’ Has been resounding in my head. 

We human beings want to be in control. And yet, we aren’t. We are earthen vessels, my friends. And there is a God who calls out to us. His directions will always be harder than we can imagine. We can’t do it alone. We can’t go without His power. So, when He asks us to drop everything and go, we hesitate. We become stubborn. ‘Can’t you send someone else?’ We cry. ‘Isn’t there another way?’ We beg. Nope! Because if we did our way and our way only, what need of God and His strength would we have? 

We harden our hearts to His need. And if we would only submit and say, ‘I’ll go! Choose me!’ There would be amazing things done all over the world. Our stubbornness to drop our plans and follow His is what keeps the world in darkness from His ways and His light and love. He’s calling you to act, to move on His directions to show love to the world. Maybe His call is still coming and you haven’t heard it yet. When it does, would you go? Will you go now? 


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