Will You Become Obsessed? 

Jesus is Obsessed with you!! I mean, over the moon, beyond any distant galaxy anyone can ever fathom, wants to be involved in every moment of your life, OBSESSED!! And before she says it, to my Editor, yes, I am aware of the run-on sentences. 

But seriously. A friend at work yesterday asked me, ‘What if Jesus never went to the cross? Where would salvation come from?’ Because, yes, even Jesus had the same free-will as any human being. He could have broken free and said, ‘Nope! Gonna have to find another way!’ As a matter of fact, He even asked God, ‘If it is possible, let this cup pass from me.’ His human form didn’t want to do the beating, the cross, the death, the journey to Hell to beat up Satan. But He did it. And I know this is really hard to understand and believe, I had trouble with it too, but all that, He did it for you. 

God is OBSESSED with His Creation and you are the best part of that. Free-will, choices, emotions, a spirit, humans have all that!! We were designed to freely know God and worship Him as creator of all. But then Satan crept in and made us feel like WE should be God. And we have been trying ever since. We won’t ever succeed. 

God is God and we are not. He is obsessed with us, and we should be obsessed with Him. Will you ask His Holy Spirit into your life right now and let Him act to the world through you? Will YOU become obsessed with God tonight? 

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