Two Harbors Dining Experience. 

If you find yourself traveling along The North Shore of Lake Superior and are hungry for great food with great service at a price that won’t break the bank you will find a very satisfying location in the town of Two Harbors, Minnesota. Ambiance, great food and a location for family fun or date night  can be found at Black Woods Grill and Bar. They have locations in Duluth, Two Harbors (where we dined) and Proctor. 

An exquisite menu including old favorites like pot roast and burgers, including a bison burger! Yum! 

Need something to get your appetite revved up? Try their Bulldog Bites! Moist and tender pieces of steak with a pico de gallo!  The dipping sauce was a delightful horse radish sauce that will awaken any taste buds. They also have the classic favorites like onion rings and chicken quesadilla. 

Overhead you can hear music that brings in an ambiance of a 1940’s feel with classic swing tunes. Excellent soft lighting throughout and plenty of space to dine with family and friends or a perfect date night spot if you happen to be around any of these three cities you must stop in to Black Woods Bar and Grill. 

A quick trip to their website at will give you a delicious description of their menu and their ‘family-owned since the 90’s’ story. Seriously, if you want great food and a great atmosphere in the Lale Superior North Shore area, you must try Black Woods Grill And Bar. Stop in when you can and tell them Rolling Blogger sent you for their lemonade and pot roast. 


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