A Storm Shall Come. 

Today we visited Split Rock Lighthouse along The North Shore of Lake Superior. It was put into service on July 31, 1910 in response to a storm from 1905 that damaged 29 ships!! 

It’s primary purpose was to serve iron ore ships moving cargo from the northern iron fields to the ports Two Harbors and Duluth. 

During our tour (my tour as the rest of my friends and family) I learned of a story about a girl who was the daughter of the lighthouse keeper. She snuck out of the house on the grounds one night and reached the cliff in front of the foghorn that periodically went off to alarm oncoming ships. The sound at that time reached 125 decibels and was enough force to knock the girl off her feet!! 

I find this story ironic because sometimes in life we feel we are being sneaky. But the lighthouse keeper knows where we are and will occasionally send us a blasting horn as a wake up call. These wake up calls can sometimes hurt and knock us down a few notches. You’ve heard the saying, ‘Pride comes before a fall.’ I believe this is why. 

However, the lighthouse still shines for us and guides us away from true disaster on the rocks. The lighthouse I am referring to is Jesus Christ. He sees even farther than the twenty-two miles into Lake Superior the Split Rock Lighthouse shines. 

His Father, God, is the lighthouse keeper and will make sure His light shines for all who wish to see. Now, I want to make it clear when in perspective to God and His Son being a light unto the world, just like a lighthouse can help prevent disaster it still takes our own actions in conjunction to avoid a shipwreck on the rocks. But when you know the lighthouse keeper He will make even a shipwreck and death a lighter burden to carry. 


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