In Less Than A Decade. 

In less than a decade I will be fifty years old, living in the fifty states. 

Of course, I could be proven wrong in part of that sentence. I never know where I will be living in less than a decade. Maybe my wife and I will decide the islands treat us better, or Canada, or Europe. There are far more places to reside than America. 

Being almost fifty has taught me that life can throw curve balls that we need to figure out how to hit out of the park. Yesterday I listened to a speech from President Lincoln talking about how he fought to keep all fifty states together during our Civil War. 

I am not even fifty and I have experienced many great things and this weekend excursion to The Great Lakes Area of Minnesota and Lake Superior gave me another fifty thousand memories to speak on!! This weekend definitely did leave an I.M.P.A.C.T. On me. 


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