Under 50!!

I am 40 years old. I am disabled. And this weekend I discovered at 40 I need to really start having more fun!! 

My wife and I travelled to Duluth, Minnesota with a couple friends for The Tall Ships Festival. Let me tell you, the first couple days, my 40-year old body said, no screamed, NO MORE CAMPING!! But, once again, I came to the conclusion it all depends on water. 

Water was kind of the theme of the weekend being on Lake Superior, drinking water and visiting Gooseberry Falls. As I edge closer to fifty I realize the importance of staying hydrated and taking care of my body. I always say I live by the acronym I came up with a couple years ago, I.M.P.A.C.T. But I really need to start consciously saying I make positive actions come true for myself first. This is even a Biblical principle. Take the stick out of your own eye so you can see clearly to remove the stick from your brother’s eye. 

But, all that said, my wife and I decided (truthfully SHE decided) we need to return again and really start having more fun in life. We aren’t growing younger. Moments are passing by and we work. We work hard! Why not enjoy the fifty years we have left, if we even have that many. As I said, life can throw us curve balls, and we just need to figure out how to react to them. Trying to hold on to youth is a great start, my friends. Exercise. Eat right. And have fun! 


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