Cause Of Death. 

Everyone always asks, ‘How did they die?’ I am more curious about ‘How did they live?’ When a person lives well with their intentions toward others, they will leave a legacy behind that will hopefully impact any generation to come. 

This week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge asks the question What would you like to leave behind? I mean, let’s be honest, we all will one day leave this world behind. One day, we will all turn cold, and die. It’s only a morbid thought to those who aren’t spending their time making a positive impact on this planet. I don’t only want to leave things behind, I want to leave emotions behind. Passion and Love, Peace and Caring. These are what I wish to leave behind. Sure, it would be awesome to start up some amazing company and give jobs to thousands of people after I have shuffled off this mortal coil, but that’s not what drives me. People drive me. Fruit Of The Spirit drive me. And we can’t put a monetary value on those things. 

And I want to start leaving behind today. I want anyone who reads this to think on ways you can bring a positive impact to anyone, yes anyone, you may meet today. It may be as simple as changing your attitude. The circumstances that happen to you today may be harsh, they may down and out right hurt massive amounts of emotional pain. It’s not permanent, none of this is. Leave behind a legacy of overcoming and adapting to harsh situations. Maybe you haven’t been that way in the past, today is a new day! Start the change you want to see today so your legacy will be one of positive change. 

Too many people let the lives they live be the cause of their death. I want my cause of death to be ‘Excessive world happiness and change!!’ I want to leave this world smiling and I want to smile as well. It is possible. To have a happy cause of death. And once I am gone, I hope many people will pick up the flag of awesomeness and blessings and carry it forward. 


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