Mistakes Are Lessons.

Today’s Daily Post Word Mistake has taught me one resounding theme– Mistakes are lessons. 

We all will make mistakes, the key is to take the lesson as something not to do again. As another quote says, ‘We can only make a mistake once, the second time it is a choice.’ I know I am guilty of this. Many times over, in fact. Sometimes it is because I am stubborn, I may know better, but I don’t care. Other times, it can be because I don’t see it as a mistake. 

I once again am experiencing a lack of sleep, so I really have no clear direction on this post idea. Maybe that is my mistake, I need to sleep earlier, more. Although, last night’s late night and this morning’s early day does not add up to having deep thoughts. That is a choice I need to stop making. Will I ever learn all my lessons?


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