Are You Cheating The World?

We all have a calling. That calling may cause us great fear, or it may cause us to say, ‘I can’t do that!’ 

God asked David, this little shepherd boy, with no military training to slay a giant. What would the world look like if he said, ‘No! I can’t do that!’ 

What if Jesus said, ‘No! I haven’t the strength or courage to be whipped and nailed on a cross, only to have everyone and everything turn their back on me while I am thrown into literal Hell to beat death and evil forever! I can’t do it!’ We would all be cheated out of salvation. Jesus is the only way! 

What are you up against now that seems impossible? What road are you being asked to travel that seems like a dead end, or a path to pain and/or nowhere? Don’t cheat the world by not taking those steps to achieve it. Maybe the only step you need to take is faith. Maybe, just lean forward in faith and let God give you what you need to accomplish whatever it is He needs you to do. Don’t cheat the world by saying you can’t get it done. 

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