Too Many Vices! 


Miami Vice

Vice Versa 

A Vice Grip 

Immoral or wicked behavior… 

Which vice am I to speak on? The last one is interesting, but far too obvious for me to write about. How about the vice of ending my sentences with prepositions? I hate it, and yet, I have now done it twice in this one post!! 

If I write about Miami Vice am I shutting out my younger viewers? Miami Vice was a show that lasted from what? 1984-1986, possibly 1987? Anyway, cops, catching the bad guys, yeah, that’s Vice shows for ya! Not good blog material. 

Moral issues? It’s after 11pm and my editor was riding me about not posting any new material today! You are a writer! Create! Post! Heaven forbid I forgot my writing utensil (my phone) at home! And now it’s far too late in the evening to write anything about morality issues. 

I made some great numbers today without posting a single word, although my stats tell me I actually did post a few things after midnight, which counts as today. Maybe that’s my vice? Constantly seeking numbers so one day I can get paid to keep this up. I love to write, just for the sake of writing. But what good is writing that nobody reads? 

If I write a pile of junk in sentences and paragraphs, is it still terrible if nobody reads it? Is it made better or given value if a thousand people read it? Maybe that’s my vice! Maybe I should just concentrate on sharing goodness and mercy with the world. That wouldn’t be a vice! 


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