Inspired by blogger she wrote a piece today about the fierceness of a mask. Instantly, my mind went to Phantom Of The Opera. 

A man grown in the shadows of the world. Thrown aside because of his scars he wears a mask so those scars can be hidden. One day a woman comes along who rips off the mask and we see a fierceness in him. He doesn’t want anyone to see the hideousness hidden behind the mask. 

Aren’t we all like that at times? We hide our true selves. And when someone gets in, we become fierce. When I think of fierce I think of anger. But I also think of passion. And Phantom Of The Opera has both! 

Thank you Dreamsinalaska for causing me to look at today’s daily post word in a different light and turn to the darkness it can bring about. Your inspiration for this post is appreciated. Now go check out her other writing. 


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