Where Is My Muse???

These Daily Post Words are throwing me for a Looper!! Yes, I actually bought that movie for $5!!! Speaking of Looper, today’s Daily Post Word is Shiver. 

I shiver when I think of the possibility of time-travel becoming a regular thing and someone with a gun will be able to transport a criminal into a specific space and time and then ‘Close their loop’, that is shoot them. Is there a chance that we will become so cold and heartless that our method of taking care of crime will involve time-travel to a place where a person can be shot?! Are we already on our way? 

Yes, it is also true that as I watch the paths humanity is traveling I begin to shiver. We as human beings can shiver because of the cold, or we can shiver because of something we witness that seems cold, or off-setting to our emotions. I have shivered because of both reasons lately, and that is odd since August just ended. 

Have you ever witnessed something that made you shiver? Was it a good or bad experience?


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