Do You Have The Nerve?

There is a new film out that is truth or dare, Facebook, Snapchat and the entire internet all rolled into one. But, how far are you willing to go before it’s not a game anymore? 

Nerve asks people to perform tasks that the viewing public asks them to do for money. The creators of the site once you log on have access to everyone and everything in your life. Your favorites, your views, your bank account (for deposits and sadly, withdrawals) and all of your friends and family. Nothing is secret once you click Accept on a Nerve dare. 

How far are you willing to go for cash? Interesting film, but seriously, same storyline and same basic type of characters as the 1995 cult classic (which I happen to love and will probably watch again very soon!!) Hackers. 

Hackers shot Angelina Jolie into the mainstream highway to stardom! I feel the same will be true for the main female character in Nerve, Emma Roberts. She has been in a couple other films, but hasn’t really broken into anything major yet. I believe Nerve will do for her what Hackers did for Angelina Jolie and we will be seeing her coming into more films in the future. 

All in all, I truly enjoyed the film. But I admit, my father button popped out quite a few times and I wondered how this got a PG-13 movie rating and should kids be influenced by the actions on the film. 

Today’s generation of teens and twenty-somethings are all about popularity and the numbers of followers game. I admit, I am a 40-year old, married man who also has fallen into the trap of Internet followers. This blog is becoming something great and a super platform for me to use to educate as many as will listen to my lessons. 

Nerve is one of those lessons parents really need to speak to their kids about before this movie, although entertaining, becomes reality! Trust me, followers and money is not all there is in this world. The end of Nerve poignantly points that out. See the movie. Parents take your kids and talk to them about the dangers of the Internet and doing truth or dare for followers. 


One thought on “Do You Have The Nerve?

  1. Great post; you have nailed what Nerve is about. Its also a satire on the herd mentality upon which social media thrives. But its also a bit predictable, the acting is far from deep and meaningful, and could have dug deeper, so I could only give it 3 out of 5 stars.

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