Give! Eat! Explore!! 

I have read many different bloggers ideas today on Cake. Most have had the same notion, cake is something special and only used during special occasions. 

Why do we do that? We don’t know how many more times we will see the sunrise. To be honest, for myself, I can probably count that scene on one hand. I am not an early riser! I admit it. 

I am also not a usual cake eater. It appears not many of us are. Why? Why do we always wait for the special occasions for the special foods or the good china? I want to encourage us all to step out and live today. Eat cake!! Love the people in your life. Watch the sunrise and sunset. Explore. Get on that plane to a place you’ve never been. Give that tip to the waiter or waitress that will change their life!! Give! Eat! Explore!! 


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