A Harvest Of Love. 

A farmer has so many roles. Many people think of farmers as growers, but there is so much more. 

Faith and nurturing are two more values needed by a farmer. She plants the seed in the field and prays it takes and grows. She pulls the weeds. She works as a technician to make sure the soil and water content is as good as it can be. She toils to pull the weeds that want to choke out the life of the growth. 

In the end, she has a harvest of potatoes and peppers. A labor of love that has helped her grow her muscles and heart. A workload that has helped her to put food on the table of her loved ones! 

It is not a role to be taken lightly. She provides nourishment for the plants so they can be harvested and provide nourishment for her family. 

Faith and prayer and hard work have created a harvest of love for many to share. And now, I share this experience with you.


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