That’s my cue. 

What is interesting about my job is it is never the same twice– Ever! Today I was cashier, customer service and all around communication specialist. 

My personal favorite moment of the day was when I upset a woman who was a victim of fraud. It happens. We live in a fallen evil world where people take advantage (I’ll weigh in more on the Jacob Wetterling post when God and I finish our conversations about it). We had to say no to her sending money overseas to someone she doesn’t know. Apparently many people have done this for her many times before. I, and my managers, would not stand for it! 

Sometimes my role demands that I step in and make sure people are not swindled by the evil that is so prevalent in our world. 

It truly feels awesome to bring smiles to people and help them out. That is my main role in life. When they say, ‘Send in the clowns!!’ That’s my cue!! 


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