Taking the red pill

This was the blog I eluded to earlier. This is so important to live life I had to share the original piece with you all!!

Live to Write - Write to Live

I’ve recently come back from a 16-day walk with my son that started at the New Hampshire/Canadian border and ended at the New Hampshire/Massachusetts border.

It was 16 days of spotty cell coverage and non-existent internet service. In short it was a time of being, for the most part unplugged (dark.)

The only news we recieved was when we got to our hotel each night and turned on CNN thirsty for the outrageous things a presidential candidate had said that day.

We had no GPS and had to rely on maps to tell us where to go.

I had no connection to tell me if rain was in the forecast or what the UV factor was for that day.

My son and I had to rely on ourselves for conversation and entertainment. Such a rarity – such a gift.

And I loved it.

Loved it so much, that I want…

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